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Nashville, Carpet Cleaning has never been easy. CitruSolution uses an earth-friendly, citrus-based cleansers that are safe and effective. The primary citrus cleansers are: citric acid (like lemon juice) and d-Limonene (extracted from citrus peels).

The d-Limonene agent is proven to fight against dust mites and other household allergens. It is safe enough to be used as a food flavoring, but strong enough to use as a commercial cleaner.

CitruSolution neutralizes spots, dirty traffic areas, soap and detergent residue, red wine, and even pet accidents.

Our Very-Low-Moisture process cleans the carpet fibers. The process is almost like dry cleaning. The “Brush and Bonnet” cleaning technique allows you to walk on the cleaned area immediately after cleaning. This cleaning method also allows CitruSolution to safely clean your Oriental and area rugs in place on the floor.  See how our cleaning process works in the next section.  Spots will not return  becasmall-oranges-1use CitruSolution neutralizes residue.

We take pride in creating a clean, non-toxic environment for you, your kids and pets. Our customers tell us that CitruSolution: Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Clean Longer & Smells Great!


Our Cleaning Process


1. Apply the non-toxic CitruSolution, which contains no soap or shampoo.

2. Activate the CitruSolution with a rotary Brush and Bonnet to neutralize germs, allergens, spots, and embedded soils, and bring them to the surface.

3. Vacuum with the Lindhaus HealthPro Vacuum to remove surface soil. The carpet dries in about 2-3 hours.


Traditional Steam/Hot Water Cleaning
(Professional or Home System)

Steam Cleaning Process

1. Soap and water is sprayed at a high pressure onto carpet. The water soaks the carpet, padding and sub-floor, which may induce mold growth.

2. A suction hose removes some of the moisture and shampoo from carpet or rug, leaving dirty, soapy liquid in the padding.

3. The carpet dries and absorbs the soapy liquid from below. Drying may take 24 to 72 hours, and spots in traffic areas reappear quickly.