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Carpet Cleaning Specialists

-CitruSolution Family-friendly, citrus-based cleansers
-No Steam, Soap or Shampoo
-Inclusive Pricing by Room – no extra charges
 -FAST Drying – Dries in about 2 hours.
The Best Cleaning Process- I guarantee it!

TESTIMONIAL: “CitruSolution makes our home smell and look new. We had 3 dogs in our home last summer, so all our Oriental rugs and  carpet needing cleaning badly. CitruSolution also cleaned my sofa and it looked and smelled new again! I Wish I could afford them once a month.  I recommend them to all my clients. I would not use any other company in the Nashville area. – Jane McCracken, Realtor serving Nashville, Brentwood, & Franklin


Our Unique Cleaning Process


1. Apply the CitruSolution Carpet Cleaner, using a hand-operated sprayed.

2. Activate the CitruSolution with a rotary Brush and Bonnet to neutralize germs, allergens, spots, and embedded soils, and bring them to the surface.

3. Vacuum with the Lindhaus HealthPro Vacuum to remove surface soil. The carpet dries in about 2-3 hours.

Our Very-Low-Moisture process cleans the carpet fibers. The process is almost like dry cleaning. The “Brush and Bonnet” cleaning technique allows you to walk on the cleaned area immediately after cleaning. This method also allows CitruSolution to safely clean your Oriental and area rugs in place on the floor.  See how our cleaning process works in the next section.  Spots will not return  becasmall-oranges-1use CitruSolution neutralizes residue.

We take pride in creating a clean, non-toxic environment for you, your kids and pets. Our customers tell us that CitruSolution: Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Clean Longer & Smells Great!

TESTIMONIALs: “I hadn’t heard of you [CitruSolution], but my realtor said you were fabulous. She was right!  My new house is clean and fresh-smelling. The spots are all gone. I feel so much better that my new house is really clean.” Brittany, Franklin, TN

“Another company cleaned the carpets in my condo before.  The spots reappeared after a week.  Your ladies [CitruSolution] cleaned the spots and they are gone!  I can’t believe it!  My daughter and I are telling all our friends to use CitruSolution.”  Jeanne, Nashville