It’s back to school time in Middle Tennessee and fall (and the holidays!) are right around the corner. It’s the perfect time of year to get organized. College-age kids have returned to campus, high school kids are involved in sports and busy with homework and elementary school and preschool kids are involved in fall programs and field trips.

Whatever parenting stage you’re in, one thing is for sure – back to school means getting back to a routine. Today on the blog we thought we’d share some helpful tips for getting your family organized for the school year. It’s also an opportune time to schedule your fall carpet cleaning, especially your college student’s room. When they come home for fall break, they’ll have a fresh and clean room waiting for them!

Back-to-School Organization Tips That Will Simplify Your Life

  1. Fill a car organizer with everything your child needs in the morning — including grab n’ go breakfast options like granola bars, hand sanitizer, a lint brush, extra pens and pencils, etc.
  2. Hang a file organizer with a slot for each family member. You can find great magnetic hanging organizers that fit perfectly on the side of your refrigerator or home office filing cabinet. Use a different colored folder for each family member, including the family pet!
  3. Make freezer meals once a month. These are great to have for those busy nights when you get home late from sports games or school programs!
  4. Post a dinner schedule on your refrigerator or on a family command center bulletin board so everyone can make plans accordingly. This is great for teens, especially, if they are working or have sports after school.
  5. Add a pocket folder to your child’s backpack for loose papers. Remind them to place any permission slips, announcements and all the other miscellaneous paperwork that gets sent home from school in this folder, so they don’t get crumpled in the bottom of their backpack!
  6. Create a drop-off point for backpacks. Depending on your home, this could be at the back door, your mudroom or even the front door. The important thing is to establish this one drop-off spot so there is no more last-minute “where’s my backpack” scrambling in the morning!
  7. Create a homework and school project station by filling a supply bin with everything your kids need to do their homework, from highlighter pens and pencils to scissors and glue sticks. There’s nothing worse than realizing your child has a science project due and you have no glue sticks, markers or other supplies handy!
  8. Make early morning routines easier with a portable hair-styling kit with a handle so your child can fix their hair in their room or even your powder room. This is especially helpful if you have kids who share a bathroom.
  9. Have your child select their outfits for the week and then store them in a hanging organizer or designate a “school week” drawer where everything is in one spot.
  10. Prepare school lunches in advance. While making dinner the night before, make up the kids’ lunches and store them in the fridge.

What back to school time saving tips work for you and your family? The team at CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee wish you a very happy 2018-2019 school year!

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