Undertaking your own home projects can oftentimes save you a great deal of time and money. However, not all home projects are created equal. There are simply certain times you need to call in a professional to handle the big tasks, to ensure they are done right.

We’ve put together a quick list of the Top 5 home projects you shouldn’t tackle alone.

  1. Electrical Work

Electricity is extremely dangerous, and handling household electricals with little to no experience can spell instant disaster (electrical shocks can be fatal.) If you want to change a lightbulb go right ahead, but if your lightbulb isn’t working and the problem is with the wiring, call an electrician immediately.


  1. Hot Water Heater Installations

When it comes time to replace your old heater, it’s best to call a professional plumber and electrician. Hot water heaters are exceptionally challenging to install, due to their heavy build and their combination of gas/electricity and plumbing components.

Gas heaters in particular need to be elevated and vented, to protect your family and your home from ignition and carbon monoxide poisoning respectively.


  1. Painting the Exterior of your Home

A study from CDC showed that in 2011 there were around 50,000 injuries caused by work-related falls from ladders, with 113 fatalities. Even though painting your home’s exterior might seem simple and straightforward, it is best to hire a professional painter if your home is more than one-story high.


  1. Chimney Cleaning and Inspections

There are several products on the market that help you clean smoke from your chimney and duct. However, it is recommended for you to have an annual chimney cleaning and inspection (for blockages), conducted by a pro, not by you!


  1. Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, many assume a generic carpet shampooing and a quick YouTube tutorial will be sufficient. However, this typical DIY process only makes stains and spots worse. DIY carpet cleaners leave behind a foamy residue that adheres to the fibers of the carpet. Moreover, the soap that gets absorbed into the carpet will transform its natural color, causing a dull and yellow tinge to form over the cleaned spots. Most DIY carpet cleaners also feature shampoo ingredients, which is equally detrimental to the aesthetics and longevity of your carpet.

That’s why you need to find a professional who will remove the grime embedded in your carpet fibers and restore your carpet to its original appearance.

As opposed to traditional carpet cleaners who leave your carpet saturated with water and soap, CitruSolution uses a citrus-based cleaning solution and a low-moisture technique which promises to clean better, dry faster, stay clean longer, and smell great.

Leave your carpet cleaning to the professionals, and start by booking your carpet cleaning today.