CitruSolution approaches cleaning with a whole different cleaning technology. Steam and other methods use shampoos and detergent. As the residue (often phosphates) ages it “browns”, causing discoloration, seen as dulling of colors. The residue also attracts dirt. When CitruSolution sprays your rug or carpet these spots disappear. Why? Because our exclusive citrus formula and cleaning systems neutralizes the residue.

UntitledBy getting the carpet (or rug or sofa) back to chemically “neutral”, it will stay cleaner longer, and get better with subsequent cleanings. This is the true advantage of CitruSolution. Our competitors, or about 98% of them, use soap, no matter what they call it. Home and rental cleaning machines are even less efficient at removing soap residue. This client (Before photo above) used to use a home machine to “save money.” Note the dirt trails. (The rest of their was home spotless.)

Untitled2At right is the after picture of the same room. All dirt trails are gone because the CitruSolution neutralized the shampoo residue that dulled the color and caused more dirt to adhere to the carpet. In this extreme example, we had to clean the traffic areas twice in order to neutralize the residual soap. But we did not charge extra.

How does CitruSolution prevent yellowing.? CitruSolution uses natural chemistry to clean. We know if you peel a banana exposing it to air, it turns brown. If you do not want the banana to turn brown, you put lemon juice on it. CitruSolution contains citric acid as does lemon juice. Likewise, fabric softeners do not whiten, brighten, and soften. They chemically neutralize the soap during the rinse cycle. That is fabric softener washes out the soap and preventing yellowing, discoloring, and stiffening of the cloth. Residual soap residue makes fibers stiff.

The balance between phosphate and acid affects many things. Textiles turn brown in high phospate environments. CitruSolution is phosphate neutral and its citrus cleansers have the ability to neutralize phosphates, preventing browning. That is the benefit of the d-Limonene and the citric acid (both of which are safe enough to use as food additives) in our cleanser. CitruSolution neutralizes discolorants, as opposed to traditional washing methods. That is why the colors in your rugs look more vibrant after cleaning with CitruSolution.