What does every busy mom want (besides a day off?) A busy mom wants more time! Whether it’s more time to spend with friends, family or self-care, free time is a precious commodity for any parent.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought we’d share some helpful time-saving tips so you can spend less time running errands or checking items off your to do list.

Declutter Your Email

Use Unroll.Me to easily unsubscribe to all those sale updates and other emails you signed up for once upon a time that are clogging up your inboxes.

Use a Grocery Delivery Service

There are multiple grocery delivery services to choose from now in the Middle Tennessee area, including Kroger ClicktList, Walmart, Shipt and Green Bean. This is also a great way to save money as you no longer give in to those impulse last-minute purchases! You can also use Amazon Prime Pantry for everyday essentials, like toiletries, snacks, paper goods and pet food.

Use a List App

Share your household grocery lists, home repairs needed, entertaining checklist, etc. via a handy app such as Any List. This eliminates the dreaded “I forgot milk and eggs again” problem!

Share a Calendar

A shared family calendar is a beautiful thing. Use an online version such as Google and color code different categories (doctor’s appointments, work trips, family vacation) or allocate a specific color for each family member to quickly visually scan appointments.

Use a Slow Cooker or Instapot

Coming home to a home cooked meal is such a treat. Plan a slow cooker night at least once a week or invest in an Instapot which cuts cooking time considerably.

Consider Hiring a Personal Assistant

Here in Nashville there are several personal assistant companies, such as Julie Hullett Concierge, who can help you run errands, prep for parties, pick up dry cleaning and just knock out all those many items on your to do list.

Use a Cleaning Service like CitruSolution

Hire a professional cleaning service like CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee to efficiently handle your household cleaning needs. Our eco-friendly citrus based solution smells great and because it’s fast-drying, you’ll be able to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible! And don’t forget, we can also clean your upholstery and rugs with our kid friendly and pet friendly solution.

What time-saving tips do you have to share? Have you discovered any Nashville area services or apps that that help you save time?

Nashville area carpet cleaning company CitruSolution utilizes environmentally-friendly, citrus-based cleanser for safe, effective, child/pet friendly cleaning. Working in Brentwood, Nashville, and Franklin Tennessee since 2008, CitruSolution is safe and effective for Oriental Rugs, carpeting, and upholstered furniture. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and call us at (615) 333-8977 to schedule an appointment.