Spring cleaning feels so good until . . . you begin sneezing and coughing.

Indoor allergens can be just as much a nuisance as any blooming tree or grass outdoors. Dust, chemicals, smoke, and fumes can all trigger allergic reactions. Many of these seem to make an appearance during spring cleaning and de-cluttering marathons.

It’s great to deep clean, but you’ll want to keep these things in mind to avoid allergic reactions.

Stop cleaning with toxic chemicals.
Almost all traditional cleaning products from the supermarket are loaded with toxic chemicals. These ingredients can irritate the throat, lungs, and sinuses. A steady exposure to chemicals can also compromise your natural ability to fight allergic irritants.

Instead, choose natural products for cleaning. The Internet is full of recipes for natural cleaning products that use such items as vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils.

Be careful what you put into your air.
If you have smokers in your home, insist that they not smoke indoors. Air freshener sprays, drawer sachets, and potpourris are typically made of super fragrant and toxic chemicals, so avoid them, as well as commercial perfumes and colognes.

Keep your home freshened naturally. Diffuse essential oils; simmer citrus peels and cinnamon sticks in water on the stove; and spritz natural enzyme sprays.

Purify the air.
Air filters and diffused essential oils can be a big help in neutralizing and purifying the air. Good ol’ green house plants also help you breathe more easily, while activated charcoal contributes to a fresh, dry and odor-free environment. The activated charcoal actually helps prevent known allergens, mold and mildew, from forming.

Clean regularly.
Regular vacuuming and dusting can help reduce the chance of dirt and dust build-up, which can harbor dust mites. When you are doing chores, wear a mask to avoid contact with potential allergens.

All carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture should be cleaned regularly with a non-toxic cleaner, such as the one we use at CitruSolution. Our clients have reported improvements with their allergy struggles after we’ve cleaned their homes with our citrus-based cleansers.

If you suffer from allergies to your indoor surroundings, take stock of the air you’re breathing. It’s easy to find natural solutions to keeping your home clean, fresh, and allergy-free.

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