small-oranges-1These are before and after photos showing
the power of CitruSolution to remove dirt & stains.

Spills and Spots are just part of life. CitruSolution can help remove them! Click below to watch CitruSolution neutralize red wine.

Cleaning up a Red Wine Stain

“We used J.R. at CitruSolution in Atlanta and I was pleased that he gave me your name in Franklin. Moving can have lots of problems but your crew arrived on time and got right to work. It was so easy. I feel great that that my floors are clean and our new home smells fresh. CitruSolution is a great service.” -Renee, Franklin

This hospital office hallway is a magnet for spills and spots.  CitruSolution deep cleans and removed these spots….permanently!  At least until the next spill.  Unlike traditional extraction based cleaning, CitruSolution not only removes the soil, but neutralizes the spill.  Many office managers expect spots to reappear after cleaning because they choose the low bidder.  CitruSolution uses no detergents.  We use a citrus-based cleanser that neutralizes spots and spills and removes built up soap residue.  Without this leftover soap, your carpet stays clean longer.

Our maintenance staff has the same equipment that CitruSolution does, but CitruSolution’s cleanser is far superior.  That is why we use CitruSolution to deep-clean our offices, hallways, and meeting rooms. Other extraction-based systems don’t clean as well.Before and After in Closet

 Master Bedroom of Home in Annandale – Franklin, Tn

05-14-Mess-Before05-14-Mess-AfterPaul M., Contractor & PreSale Home Detailer:

“I’ve used all the National Cleaning Franchises, and you guys [CitruSolution] are the only one that works! You quote and charge the same price. CitruSolution’s quick drying time is great and I like the the orange scent. I always thought [a national franchise that uses steam] smelled like old gym socks after they finished.”

Carpet Cleaning Nashville Tennessee

Outpatient Clinic Waiting Room

Hospital Outpatient Clinic Waiting Room

CitruSolution: “I’m here to give you a quote on cleaning your clinic and waiting room carpets.”

Hospital Clinic Manager: “We’re ready for you today! Start anytime.”

CitruSolution’s unique formula cleans up fast without excessive drying time. This 3,000+ square foot clinic was cleaned in the evening and was dry and ready to open by 7 a.m.

“We recommend CitruSolution to our tenants because they always do a great job.” -Lee, Property Manager.


Bedroom before Cleaning


Bedroom After

Pet Accident(s)

                             Because our citrus cleanser is an organic solvent, it usually dissolves pet spots right away.                          


Kids and Food Spills No Match for CitruSolution 

Mom: “My one and three-year-old children live in this room. Thank you Ed and crew for making my den look new.”


While we can’t guarantee that we can neutralize every stain or spill, we are very successful. The key is to use the right cleanser. Soap-based cleansers and steam can “set” a stain, just as washing an item of clothing improperly can set a stain as well.

“We were almost resolved to having the carpets replaced in the building we manage. When I went over to inspect the final results, I was more or less expecting to see a “valiant effort” on your part with the same outcome of having to replace the carpet anyway…. The carpet was literally brought back from the dead. Not only did we not have to replace the carpet, but several prospective tenants have asked us if the carpet was just recently installed.” -Alex G. (Property Manager)