Carpet cleaning is one of the most effective ways to reduce indoor allergens, a common issue in Nashville homes. Dust mites, pollen, and pet dander can both trigger nasal allergies in your family, and hiring a professional carpet cleaner can reduce these allergens in your home.

The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning for Treating Allergies

The answer is yes, though there are some exceptions. Traditional steam cleaning can actually make your home dirtier because they leave behind harsh detergent residue that attracts dirt and other pollutants. Instead, choose a non-toxic, great smelling carpet solution for your home. Here’s why:

  • Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to reduce allergens in your home.
  • All natural, citrus-based products are more effective than steam cleaning or DIY solutions.
  • Traditional steam cleaning leaves sticky residue that dirt and pollen sticks to.
  • Pet spots need to be treated effectively to neutralize urine.
  • Upholstery can harbor allergens in addition to carpets.


Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Help Your Allergies

Nearly 30% of adults and 40% of children in the U.S. suffer from allergies. Nasal allergies alone affect nearly 50 million people! Outdoor and seasonal allergies in Nashville may be beyond your control, but it is possible to control those inside your home.

Skin allergies can also be triggered by contact with dust mites, insects, and chemicals. Skin allergies affected nearly 9 million children in 2012, with children age 0-4 being most susceptible. We want our children to be safe!

Each step on your carpet and rugs recirculates some of the dust, pollen, or pet dander that is trapped in your rugs and carpet. Without a high quality HEPA vacuum, you can only remove a small portion of those pollutants.

With professional carpet cleaning though, these allergens are removed from your carpets.

“I have horrible allergies and hate dealing with carpet, but I would give them 10 stars if I could for the great job they did at cleaning, deodorizing, and removing the stains in the carpet. The mother-daughter duo were so professional and effective in going above and beyond to ensure that every inch of my carpet was clean. I definitely look forward to using their service again and highly recommend to others. Especially if you suffer from allergies living in the Nashville area, do yourself a favor a give them a try.”

When you hire a company to professionally clean your carpets, you want to know they’re taking care of the allergens in your home. Home carpet cleaning kits and grocery store rental solutions don’t provide the deep cleaning needed to fully resolve the issue, and often contain harsh chemicals that can damage your carpet.

Improve Allergies with the Power of Citrus

CitruSolution features d-Limonene, a naturally occurring citrus oil that has been proven to destroy dust mites, which is the most common allergen in homes. This oil is derived from orange, lemon, and grapefruit peels, also offers powerful stain-cutting properties.

“What a wonderful job you did! My husband came home and was pleasantly surprised at how clean the carpet was. Plus, it smelled great. We deal with allergies and have pets, so [you] definitely could tell a difference. I like this process better than other carpet cleaning services that I’ve used in Nashville such as Coit, Molly Maid and others and plan to call back for another cleaning in the future.” – Stephanie, Forrest Hills, TN

CitruSolution’s non-toxic carpet cleaning process provides a safe way to remove allergens and improve your family’s quality of life. Whether you have pets or have dust mites, professional carpet cleaning can help solve your allergen concerns.

Soap Residue Can Attract More Dirt

Soap may seem like the right way to clean a carpet, but it can actually do just the opposite. It’s nearly impossible to fully rinse carpet, so there is soap residue left after the cleaning process. This residue will then attract more dirt, which can carry allergens like pollen and dust mites.

This means the cleaning method could actually bring in more allergens than before! Soap can also dull your carpet over time, leading to faded colors and lackluster shine. For the maximum cleaning effect with no lasting residue, choose the natural, fresh smelling solution.

Remove Pet Dander and Stubborn Pet Spots

While we love our pets, we don’t love the spots from accidents. Because the spot “wicks” up from the pad below, traditional steam cleaning will not fully remove pet spots, without using additional chemicals. Over time these spots will reappear, and will still have dander trapped in the fibers.

The all-natural d-limonene in CitruSolution, though, can gently neutralize these tough stains, and restore your carpet back to an excellent, allergen-free condition. For particularly stubborn stains, we pre-treat the area, as well as high-traffic areas that are dirtier.

Pairing this with our non-toxic deodorizer provides a deep, successful cleaning for pet spots.

Get your carpet back to top condition with an appointment with our skilled team, then spot treat as necessary with the CitruSpotter – we’ll leave a free bottle for you to use. With this spot treatment, you can keep your carpets clean without worrying about unnecessary chemicals.

Cleaning Upholstery to Improve Allergies

While we’ve discussed cleaning carpets to reduce allergens, your upholstery can also trap dust mites and other allergens. Scheduling regular upholstery cleanings can also help improve the air quality in your home, which can help solve your family’s allergy concerns.

Even better, CitruSolution is completely safe for upholstery, as long the fabric is colorfast. (Nearly all upholstery fabrics are.) We don’t use harsh, synthetic solvents, which means regardless of your furniture’s fabric classification, we can make your upholstery look new again.


The CitruSolution Difference

At CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee, we serve clients throughout Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin who are looking for a thorough cleaning to remove allergens from their home. This deep cleaning process focuses on natural cleaning products and providing you with the best experience possible.

“CitruSolution also smells amazing. They use only natural, safe ingredients to clean your carpet so there are no overwhelming chemical smells filling your home. I know that after using some really strong cleaners in my home I want to run and open all the windows, but not with CitruSolution.”

If your family’s allergies aren’t subsiding indoors, it may be time to see how citrus can help you sneeze less and live more. Avoid harsh chemicals and traditional steam cleaning methods that don’t work, and experience a truly clean carpet.

Established in 2008, CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee has helped many Nashville area families achieve allergen-free homes with beautifully clean carpets. We believe in transparent pricing without surprise add-ons. Learn more about how our “exact-imate” price quotes offer you peace of mind and transparency here.

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