One comment that I hear frequently is: “These carpets look bad. I’d like to put down hardwoods, but it’s not in the budget this year.” CitruSolution cannot make old carpet look new, but we do make it look great. Compared with spending $3-$5 per square foot for carpet or $6-$10 for hardwood flooring, cleaning your carpet is an easy and inexpensive choice.

There are some places where I prefer hardwood floors and others where I want carpet. Bedrooms and bonus rooms (also dens and medias room) are places our families either spend time on the floor or don’t want their bare feet on a cold floor. Carpet is the best option here.   Noise reduction is another reason to consider carpeting — stairs and hallways are good candidates. The majority of newer homes have hardwood floors in the common and formal rooms, and carpet in the family rooms and bedrooms. This is what I prefer.

left pictureAn office building owner asked me what kind of carpet I recommended that would last longest in his new building. He went through the various fiber and weave options that his carpet supplier had given him. I told him that most of the modern synthetics have good longevity and stain resistance. The most important factor in longevity is maintenance: vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.   Next, good floor mats will remove dirt and contaminants coming in on shoes. This “grit” acts like sandpaper, wearing and damaging floor surfaces–whether carpeted or not.  The carpet photo at Left is an area near a wall. Note that the pile is un-frayed and properly twisted, showing little sign of wear. The photo on the Right is in the traffic area about 10 inches away from the wall.


right pictureThe Right hand photo shows excessive wear, the strands are frayed and untwisted. Very close inspection of this picture revealed embedded dirt ground into the nap of the carpet. Proper maintenance (vacuuming and regular cleaning) will increase the years of service you get.

What can I do to treat spots and spills?

Spills — blot up as much of the liquid as possible. I think an old towel works best. If you do not have any of our CitruSpotter spot cleaner that we give you with each cleaning, make a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water. The mild acidity of vinegar will help neutralize the spot , and it dries without leaving a residue. Once dry, the vinegar smell will dissipate quickly. If you use a soap or detergent cleanser, a sticky residue will remain that attracts dirt. Soap also contains phosphates, which yellow or brown over time. When spots come back after traditional steam or hot water cleaning, it is most often the result of this soap residue. Never use bleach or other oxidizers.