DogHair-fromVacuumSMNo one ever says it’s shedding cats and dogs. But it is true! Not just carpet, but even tightly woven Oriental rugs accumulate pet hair, debris, and dander over time. The picture to the right illustrates hair collected from a single condo. The renter owned a large dog. Dogs shed, right? But why is the hair so hard to remove?

All animals, even people, have oil on their hair.  This oil is sticky and creates a bond with you rugs, carpet, or upholstery in effect “gluing” it to the surface.  Your vacuum will remove some by not all the hair.  Over time, it accumulates like the photo at right.  CitruSolution neutralizes the oil and “unsticks” the hair from rug or carpet fibers.

We also offer Benefect, a botanical, antimicrobial disinfectant added at your discretion for pet and other odors.  Clients with pets or toddlers often desire this additional piece of mind. Contact us today for a free quote (615) 333-8977.