Pet stains are a common occurrence in many homes, and while you love your pet, we’re guessing you could do without the pet spots. Carpet cleaning is a popular choice for cleaning up pet accidents, though some methods may not solve the problem.

At CitruSolution, we don’t charge extra to remove pet stains, and our unique, 100% citrus-based cleanser solution is guaranteed to neutralizes spots left behind from your beloved furry family members.

Why Old Fashion Steam Cleaning Doesn’t Fully Remove Pet Accidents

When steam cleaning carpets or rugs, stains will often appear removed, but then they will reappear a short time later. This is partly due to the type of cleaning process. The steam can actually set spills and pet spots making them permanent stains.

Steam cleaning uses three stages, as well as using significant amounts of water.

  • Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Drying

When steam cleaning, the cleaning pass uses a high pressure sprayer to soak the carpet with soap and water. This water not only wets the carpet, but it also wets the pad and the subfloor.

The vacuuming pass removes the moisture, though there is often soapy liquid remaining after this stage. This means that dirt is also left behind. Pet spots will still be in the carpet, even though they may appear to be gone.

While the carpet is drying, it continues to absorb the remaining soap and dirt. Drying can also take 12 to 48 hours, which can seem much longer when you have children and pets in the house! The significant amount of water used means that it’s more likely that the subfloor will not dry fully, leading to mold growth.

Why CitruSolution is Better

We use a proprietary blend of citrus-based cleaners that neutralize pets spots for good. We’ve found that the naturally occurring citrus oil called d-Limonene cuts stains and destroys dust mites. (Dust mites are the top allergen in most homes.)
d-Limonene is also a natural deodorizer, and the citrus scent will remove most household odors.

When you make an appointment, there are three steps we take to help remove those pesky pet accidents.

  • Spray CitruSolution on the rug being treated.
  • Use a low-speed buffer to work in the solution.
  • Vacuum to remove hair and other debris.

First, we spray a light coating of the CitruSolution onto the carpet or rug’s surface. Since we use a backpack sprayer instead of a vehicle-based system, we’re able to work in high-rise apartments, condos, and businesses.

Second, we’ll use the low-speed buffer to carefully buff the carpet with a rotary brush and bonnet. This helps activatehe CitruSolution while removing dirt and debris that has been ground deep into the carpet pile.

Third, we’ll use a Lindhaus HealthPro HEPA vacuum to remove all hair and other debris from your carpet. After this final step, your carpet will dry in about two hours. And you won’t have any surprises when spots reappear, because it won’t happen.


Steam cleaning has been a popular choice for cleaning carpets and rugs, but it’s time for a change. Pet stains are a common occurrence when living with your four-legged family members, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with dirty carpets.

We’re proud of our product, and we know you’ll be happy with it, too. We’ll also leave a bottle of spot cleaner, so that you can continue to use the power of citrus to spot treat your carpets. Cleaning up after pet accidents had never been better!