Featured ImageCleaning thousands of square feet of commercial space can be a daunting task. You are hosting a board meeting, or luncheon, or have an important visitor, yet your building is riddled with stains that seem impossible to remove. Servicing offices, businesses, and more, our team at CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee provides exceptional carpet cleaning for commercial properties up to five thousand square feet. As an associate member of the Middle Tennessee chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), we have worked with countless clients to deliver remarkable results.


What separates CitruSolution carpet cleaner from other standard, generic brands? Most cleaners on the market use soap and shampoo as one of their core ingredients, leaving behind an unpleasant residue. In fact, with traditional carpet cleaners, more than thirty percent of the shampoo soaks into the carpet, attracting dirt and dulling color. With neither soap nor shampoo in our products, your commercial carpet retains its original form after a deep clean.


With an exclusive citrus-based formula and cleaning solutions, our carpet cleaners neutralize the phosphates that collect inside the fibers of the carpet, and extend the amount of time your floors remain clean. Between the integrity of our product and the commitment of our team, we guarantee efficient service that will not derail you from your daily operations.

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“CitruSolution’s unique formula cleans up fast without excessive drying time. This 3,000+ square foot
clinic was cleaned in the evening and was dry and ready to open by 7 a.m.,” says one client.


What’s the best part of working with CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee for your commercial carpet needs? Our affordable nature. Many of our clients have been so disappointed with the conditions of their carpets, they have considered tearing them out and replacing them in their entirety. But without an enormous budget, doing so is nearly impossible and not exactly practical. For a fraction of the price, we restore the quality of your carpets, resurrecting it to look and feel brand new again.


Check out the below before and after images from a property here in Nashville.

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“We recommend CitruSolution to our tenants because they always do a great job,” says Lee, a local property manager.

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