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Hospital House Keeping Manager
I use the same equipment that CitruSolution does, but CitruSolution’s proprietary cleanser gives better results.

Hospital waiting room before

Hospital waiting room after

Proprietary Cleanser Formula

CitruSolution uses non-toxic, fragrance free cleansers to remove grime and soil, neutralize spills and spots using a low moisture cleaning process.  Rather than maintenance cleaning using detergents or butyl-based compounds, CitruSolution is a citrus-based formula.  Our unique cleanser, not only cleans, but also neutralizes most common odors in your office.

Traditional maintenance cleaning fails to remove all detergent cleaners applied.  This soap residue, is the primary cause of immediate re-soiling as you see in the before photo at right.  CitruSolution uses a non-toxic defoamer to neutralize this soap residue, which then releases the trapped soil.  A thorough cleaning reduces the wear caused by dirt and grit, brought in.  Some of our current clients have have office and hallway carpeting that is more than 15 years old, but still looks great.

Our quotations are all inclusive, while others provide a base charge, then add on fees for traffic areas,and  spills and spots.  CitruSolution’s unique formula neutralizes spots so that they do no reappear.

Upholstered Office Furniture

Waiting Room arm chairs and sofas, workstation chairs, and conference room seating all begin to look dirty and worn after just a few months.  Traditional “office maintenance” cleansers contain oxidizers, bleach-like high Ph products, that fade upholstery fabrics.  Vinyl or commercial leather materials have a lower price entry point, their appearance degrades quickly presenting a poor image to clients and employees alike.

I chose CitruSolution first because they don’t use smelly chemicals.  Avoiding chemical odors, in a crowded working environment, is very important to me.  Their pricing was very competitive, prompt for their appointment, and their service outstanding. I am very pleased. -MR-Nashville

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