When nasty blotches and dirty spots infiltrate our living space, our first reaction is to get rid of them immediately. Many people will quickly begin a hunt on the web to figure out the best DIY carpet cleaning techniques, anxious to rid their floors of the odors and debris that plague them. However, most people don’t realize the dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning; often, reaching for a quick fix with at-home ingredients or grocery store cleaners can be more detrimental to the health and cleanliness of your carpet than you may realize.

So what’s so dangerous about DIY carpet cleaning? First off, it is nearly impossible to find a carpet-cleaning machine to buy in store that has as much power as one owned by professionals. While you may think at first that you are saving money through purchasing something small, the effects of such a machine are not nearly as thorough as what a professional carpet cleaner supplies. And without the proper tools and expertise, DIY carpet cleaning can lead to excess moisture, which spirals a myriad of other unexpected and unwanted issues. Mold can gather, making the carpets more unsanitary, and dampness creates unpleasant odors, shrinkage, and discoloration. Adding fuel to the fire, most grocery store products and some commercial cleaners contain oxidizing agents such as bleach and peroxide, which strip the color from the carpet.

With so many products filled with soap as one of their main ingredients, DIY carpet cleaners leave behind a foamy residue that adheres to the fibers of the carpet. Moreover, the soap that gets absorbed into the carpet will transform its natural color, causing a dull and yellow tinge to form over the cleaned spots. Most DIY carpet cleaners also feature shampoo ingredients, which is equally detrimental to the aesthetics and longevity of your carpet. About thirty percent of the shampoo used gets absorbed into the carpet, and its sticky nature ends up attracting an unforeseen amount of dirt.

With CitruSolution’s carpet cleaning services, our expertise and high-quality products ensure that your carpet returns to its natural state, reemerging in pristine condition without the hassles and dangers of DIY cleaners. We use a chemically inactive defoamer to eliminate soapy residue, getting rid of this source of re-soiling. Our powerful citrus cleansers release dirt and grime that other carpet cleaners leave behind. With natural citrus ingredients and powerful cleaners, we are able to pick up dirt that other carpet cleaners cannot. Plus, our carpet cleaner leaves behind a fresh and pleasant scent, completely eradicating any harmful odors associated with dirt trails. With CitruSolution, we help eliminate the trapped pollutants and dust mites, and neutralize spots that are unreachable and even exacerbated by DIY techniques.

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