Mom, where’s my practice jersey? Where are my shin guards? Where’s my other sock?

Whether your child plays soccer, football or hockey, fall sports season is underway in Middle Tennessee. While there are only so many times we can remind our youth athletes to keep their gear organized, there are steps parents can take sure everyone is organized and stress free on practice and game days!

Here are 10 must have items to keep on hand to help you survive fall sports:
First Aid Kit

While most coaches carry a first aid kit, it’s helpful to keep your own. Include bandages, alcohol wipes, aspirin or other pain reliever, and first aid ointment, such as Neosporin.


You never know when you’ll need a blanket for an impromptu seat on the sidelines or for its intended purpose – to keep warm!

Hand Sanitizer

Sports complexes and schools don’t always have the best equipped outdoor bathrooms. Keep hand sanitizer on standby.

Water & Healthy Snacks

Here in Middle Tennessee, practices can be held in 90 degree weather. Make sure everyone stays hydrated. A large water jug can be used to refill water bottles. Portable snacks like grapes, granola bars, fruit leather and raisins don’t require refrigeration and are easy to eat.


Keep sunscreen on hand and be sure to toss some in your kids’ sports bags. (Keep bottled sunscreen in a resealable bag and in a separate zippered pocket to avoid spills).

Camping Chair

Keep an extra camping chair in your trunk or hatch just in case complex bleachers are full or you need a place to sit.


An extra large umbrella comes in handy to shield yourself from rain (or sun.)

Extra Bags

You may need to transport muddy cleats home in your car but you may not want to after you see them (and smell them!) Consider keeping a bag of large Ziploc type bags in your car to seal up dirty shoes and socks.


If you’re headed to a game or tournament you may need cash for admission or concessions stands and you won’t find an ATM on site. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have cash, small bills especially!

Hand and Feet Warmers

Lastly, while it is still warm throughout most of fall sports seasons, end-of-season night games start to get chilly. Do yourself a favor and buy hand and feet warmers before they sell out at the first mention of frost or snow!

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