Your upholstered furniture, such as your sofa or accent chairs, often take center stage in your home. Why not invest in routine maintenance measures that will help it last as long as possible?

Turn the Cushions

If your upholstered furniture is a piece that is used quite often, such as a sofa, it is always best practice to regularly turn the cushions. This helps avoid uneven wear and tear on your furniture. You flip your mattress on a regular basis, so add your sofa and upholstered seating cushions into the mix!


You may not see the dust that collects on your upholstered furniture, but the same dust that settles on to your floors and wood furniture lands on your sofa. Vacuum your upholstered furniture weekly. Use your vacuum’s brush attachment to loosen any dirt and then vacuum with a hand-held attachment. (Oh, and parents don’t forget to remove any removable cushions so that you can vacuum underneath. Be prepared to find lost socks, crayons, pencils and remotes.) Routine vacuuming also prevents dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers.

Avoid Sunlight

Although you may want your beautiful new upholstered accent chair or ottoman to get the spotlight in your decor, positioning it in an area that receives maximum sunlight isn’t such a great idea. Fabric fades when exposed to ultraviolet rays, so make sure your investment upholstered pieces are not in direct sunlight.

Schedule a Professional Cleaning

In addition to effectively cleaning carpet, did you know CitruSolution’s citrus-based nontoxic cleaner can also keep your upholstered furniture looking (and smelling)  like new

Our proprietary three-step cleaning process begins by misting CitruSolution over the part to be cleaned using the Hudson never pump electric sprayer. Next, using a specialized upholstery mitt, we rub the non-toxic CitruSolution into the fabric to activate the cleansers. Then, using a terry cloth towel, we wipe off the dirt and grime that the CitruSolution has loosened and encapsulated. Finally, we vacuum the piece(s) thoroughly. Certain types of fabrics or cushions require that we use a small extractor, which is similar to a powerful wet/dry vacuum, to remove embedded soil from heavily soiled areas.

Your upholstered furniture pieces are often focal points of your home decor. Invest in ongoing care of these investment pieces and they’ll look as new as long as possible!

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