Hiring the right company for area rug cleaning in Nashville can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right technique and the right process, your area rugs will remain in top condition for many years.

Number 1: Proper Area Rug Cleaning Can Make Rugs Look Brand New

Ultimately, cleaning your oriental rugs can make them look brand new! Dirt can mute the beautiful colors in your rug, but CitruSolution can buff it away.

The dirt tracked into your home by both people and pets acts like sandpaper, wearing down the rug fibers over time.

This accumulates slowly, so the changes seem subtle while your rug gradually grows darker. Because of this, we use our CitruSolution rug cleaning product to neutralize spills and pull out hair, soil, and other debris.

However, cleaning your rug every two to three years can keep its colors bright like on the day you purchased it. Regular cleanings can help them stay in top condition for many years, even in high-traffic areas.


Number 2: Frequent Area Rug Cleaning Can Minimize Dust Mites

When you regularly clean your area rugs, the d-limonene in our cleaner can help minimize the amount of dust mites in your home. D-limonene is a naturally occurring citrus oil that has been proven to destroy dust mites, the most common allergen in homes.

Minimizing the allergens in your home is important if your family is particularly sensitive, and frequent area rug cleaning can help.

Number 3: Protect Your Family with Non-Toxic Area Rug Cleaning Products

Our non-toxic rug cleaning solution is a safe way to remove pet spots, minimize allergens, and improve your family’s quality of life while also protecting your family. Children are especially susceptible to chemicals, and you want them to play on your carpets and area rugs without worrying about their health.

Whether you have children, pets, or both, professional area rug cleaning with Citrus4Carpets can help keep your home clean and toxin free.

Number 4: Area Rug Cleaning in Your Home Saves You Time

Most cleaning companies require you to send out your area rug, making the cleaning process longer than necessary. Instead, our area rug cleaning service in Nashville comes to you.

Our gentle process ensures your area rug will remain in a beautiful condition for many years. Additionally, in-home area rug cleaning means the entire process is taken care of in one appointment, saving you time.


Number 5: The Difference in Area Rug Cleaning with CitruSolution

Many rug cleaning companies quote a price, but continue to add fees and upsell services. We dislike that as much as you do, so we’ve developed an exactimate process. This means easy to understand fees that don’t change after the appointment.

Our equipment is backpack-mounted for easier access to your home, which means we can access condos, high-rise office buildings, and hard-to-reach rooms.

We also provide a bottle of CitruSpotter after your appointment. This gives you the power of citrus to treat spills as they occur. Red wine, dirt, or pet spots will all fade away with this non-toxic area rug cleaning solution.

Finding the right company for area rug cleaning in the Nashville area doesn’t need to be a challenge. With non-toxic products and eco-friendly cleaning system, CitruSolution can keep your area rugs in great condition for many years.

We would love to help you enjoy clean, safe area rugs in your Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin home. To schedule an appointment with Citrus4Carpets, call us at (615) 333-8977.