The New Year brings a slew of resolutions. Lose weight, make more money, find inner peace… But what if you could choose a simple resolution that would positively affect every aspect of your life?

That’s exactly what happens when you commit to ringing in January 1 with a clean home. The benefits of a clean living space extend far past the visual pleasure it brings. By using the right cleaners to minimize dirt, you ward off allergens and pollutants that compromise you and your family’s health. Your home becomes a sacred space to enjoy and receive respite from the outside world, giving you the opportunity to fully embrace all of the other resolutions you’ve so eagerly set for yourself.

In a world polluted with environmental toxins, there is absolutely no reason you should bring these harmful ingredients into your own home. First rule of thumb: if you can’t read half of the ingredients on the back of the bottle, chances are the cleaner you just picked up will do more harm than good. Standard upholstery and carpet cleaners end up leaving behind a soapy film of residue that compromises the condition of your furniture and floor. To usher in 2016 with a green attitude – full of health and cleanliness – avoid those pesky cleaners that are chock full of harmful chemicals.

So what are the right cleaners?

At CitruSolution, we believe that the product you clean with is just as important as the result you achieve. That’s why we created a formula made out of the peels of fresh citrus fruit. The combination of citric acid and d-Limonene will give your carpet and upholstery a full-on detoxification, naturally removing even the most soiled spots. Plus, the fresh scent neutralizes any unforgiving odors that may have seeped into your home. The best part? The drying process is as quick and efficient as the actually cleaning. While standard carpet cleaners take anywhere from one to three days to fully dry, our low-moisture process will have your furniture and floors dry and useable in just two to three hours.

For an added green-cleaning bonus, consider stocking your cabinets with vinegar, microfiber cleaning cloths, and baking soda to support a clean, environmentally friendly home.

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Here’s to a New Year and a New Start!