Oriental Rug Cleaning in your home with CitruSolution


Oriental Rug Cleaning Franklin Tennessee

Why should I clean my Oriental Rugs? Area and Oriental rugs are thicker, more dense than wall to wall carpet. For this reason, soil adheres and dust settles into the rug. Walking from hardwood floors onto your rug puts the dirt from the floor onto the rug. Scroll down the page to see how we clean your Oriental and area rugs.

Your shoes, slippers, or even bare feet pick up dust and dirt that is tracked in from outside or even the dust settling on the floor.  This dirt and grime acts like sandpaper, wearing and abrading the rug fibers themselves. For this reason, we recommend cleaning your rugs every 2-3 years, more often if you have pets.


“Last weekend, a guest spilled a whole glass of red wine on my clean oriental rug. I blotted up the excess and sprayed the bottle [CitruSpotter] you gave me on the spot, fearing the worst. Zap! like magic the spot was gone! The next morning I found another spot of wine I’d missed. Again, [CitruSolution] took it right out.” — Teddie C, 12th South

Steps to Clean your Oriental rug

Step 1:
Mist CitruSolution over entire rug using a little extra on spots and spills.

Step 2: Activate the CitruSolution cleanser and scrub the fibers using an orbital buffer with brush. This brush  activates the CitruSolution– neutralizing spills and pulling up ground in soil, hair, and debris.

Step 3: Buff the rug using a “knobby” rug pad. This absorbs and removes the dirt and grime from the rug.

Step 4: Vacuum using a Lindhaus Healthpro. This powerful HEPA vacuum removes debris pulled to the surface or the rug. It also grooms the nap of the rug to look great!

oriental wool rug after cleaningThis is a photo of the cleaned rug. Notice how much dirt and grime the knobby pad removed.

This is the kitchen rug in our home. We are both cooks, so it gets lots of crumbs and spills. Wool Oriental rug is over 30 years old. The solid color is not practical for a kitchen, so we clean it every few months. In your home, I recommend a patterned rug to hide the spills and spots.

“I am so happy with CitruSolution! Our area rugs are clean and smell great! The lady and gentleman were so nice. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
— Angie and Jim, Bellevue

CitruSolution cleans your area and Oriental rugs in your home. Our low-moisture cleaning system allows us to clean your rugs where they are on your floor. Since we clean without using shampoos, soaps, or harsh chemicals, we do not need the excessive hot water required by old-fashioned carpet cleaners.

“When I walked in the door and saw my rugs, I was amazed at how clean and bright they were. These rugs were 10+ years old and looked almost new. The second surprise was that there was no chemical or shampoo odor, just clean. The people at CitruSolution are easy to work with and the results are amazing.” — Liz, Nashville

Traditional Oriental rug cleaning looks like the picture below—pressurized hoses squirting shampoo and water onto your rug, scrubbing with large brushes that look like push brooms, rinsing with clear water, and finally “blow-drying.” Though your rug may look clean, there is residual soap left behind that will yellow over time dulling the colors. This traditional process often forces you to go without it for weeks and can cost up to $4 per square foot!

Oriental Rug cleaning the OLD WAY!


CitruSolution has a better way! The short video below demonstrates how we clean your Oriental rugs.

Look at the cleaning pad in the photo. All the dirt was hidden by the deep color of the rug and the dense wool pile.

“I keep going into my living room and just look at my beautiful [Oriental] rug. I can’t believe how good it looks! The colors are so bright. Your crew was so nice.” — Joyce, Franklin