Our Company and Products


Our Mission: To provide the most effective carpet, Oriental and area rug, and upholstery cleaning services using child and pet friendly citrus cleansers and environmentally sustainable processes in our clients’ homes and businesses.


Local Ownership & National Connections

Working in Brentwood, Nashville, and Franklin Tennessee since 2008, CitruSolution is the safest and most effective cleaning method I have found to clean Oriental Rugs, carpeting, and upholstered furniture. The CitruSolution formula and cleaning process were developed over the last 25 years, and the current formula has been in use since 2002. We regularly network with other owners and Paul Romanick, CitruSolution’s founder, to stay current on the best cleaning techniques.

Zero Waste Water & Sustainable Citrus Cleansers

ZERO Waste Water. Cleaning three rooms in your home with CitruSolution produces ZERO waste water. Our cleaning process is very low moisture. Cleaning three rooms the old-fashioned way (extraction), may produce as much as 25 gallons of waste water! The pour this dirty water into our sewer system or storm water drain.

All Our Products Family and Pet Friendly

Others may talk about family-friendly and sustainable, but CitruSolution lives it! The peels from citrus fruits -oranges, lemons, and grapefruits- are the source of the primary of our citrus cleanser. ALL the products that we carry on our truck are safe for use around your children and pets.

Our competitors may have a non-toxic base cleaning solution, but carry additional stain removers that contain butyl and glycol compounds. These products often have a high Ph, so act like oxidizers, like bleach does. Not very safe to handle. They also sell add-on protectants like “Scotchguard” (from 3M), which contains acetone, naptha, alcohol, and fluorochemical urethane. Not child friendly substances.


Why is CitruSolution Better?


No Surprise Pricing – No Upsells…EVER! We charge a flat all-inclusive price per room or area. For example, stains, spots, pet accidents, trouble areas, berber and wool carpet are all one price per room. We do not give estimates, we give “exactimates,” which is the exact price you will pay. You always get our best service the first time. We do not sell “extra” services either. We do not use sealers, preservatives, or other add-ons.

Cleans Better. CitruSolution is manufactured and exclusively used by us. Our cleanser breaks down residue left by soap-based products as well as oils and other organic substances that attract dirt and soil. Our low-moisture process does not use any hot water, steam or soap that can damage your furnishings and permanently “set” spots.

Dries Faster. Because we do not use excessive amounts of water, we do not need to drag hoses all over your home to try to suck the water out. We just lightly mist the non-toxic CitruSolution. In fact, our process uses about 90% less moisture than typical carpet cleaning processes. That is why your carpet, rug, or sofa dries within two to three hours.

Stays Clean Longer. D-Limonene, the primary citrus cleanser in CitruSolution, breaks down soap residue and reverses yellowing. If you have a spot that keeps reappearing, it is most likely sticky soap residue attracting new dirt. Your carpets stay clean longer without this residue to attract dirt. Go to our Before and After page to see for yourself.

Smells Great! Our citrus cleanser is distilled from the peels of oranges and other citrus fruits. That is why our process fills your home or office with the wonderful fresh scent of citrus from the moment our cleaning begins. This is a natural aroma and dissipates over several hours.

Service with a Woman’s Touch. Since most of our residential clients are women, so most of our work teams include at least one woman. Our clients often feel more comfortable with a woman’s presence.

Our Clients are your Neighbors. Over 80% of our clients are repeat customers and their friends. In neighborhoods all over Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville, you will see a truck with the Orange Guy on the side. I often receive calls that begin with:

“I saw your truck at my friend’s home…” or

“My realtor said to use you…” or

“My Mom said to call you.”

I’ve even had: “My granddaughter said to use CitruSolution!”

Commercial Clients. Residential property managers, office managers, and corporate property owners use CitruSolution. We are an associate member of the Middle Tennessee chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

Community Involvement. Our community, nation, and world are better when we are all involved. CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee works with and supports a wide range of charities and school organizations. We regularly donate to school silent auctions, and neighborhood and homeowner’s association causes. If you would like our support, email or call for more information.


I have served on the Board of Directors of the The Bootstraps Foundation, as a donor or officer for over 10 years.

The Bootstraps Foundation awards sc1Bootstraps-newlogored-blackholarships to young men and  women in the greater Metro Nashville area who have overcome great personal obstacles. They have “pulled themselves up by the bootstraps.” These young people have overcome chronic diseases, parental abandonment, sexual or physical abuse, and homelessness. Some have had to support themselves while in high school!  Yet, these young people maintain academic averages of 3.5 and above. Often, they are the first among their family to go to college. One recent scholar is the first in her family to finish high school. Our scholars attend a wide range of colleges and universities: the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Middle Tennessee State University, Belmont University, Union University,  Abilene Christian University, Carson Newman College, Vanderbilt University, and The University of the South (Sewanee) to name a few. For more information visit: