Spring is around the corner and here in Middle Tennessee we will soon trade cold weather for warm weather and, unfortunately, flu season for allergy season. Tennessee is one of the worst states for allergy sufferers and spring is the worst time of the year in Tennessee for allergens, despite having an average pollen count, according to Pollentec.com.

Spring allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, can cause all sorts of annoying symptoms, like itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and sinus pain. Here are some helpful tips to keep allergies at bay.

Minimize exposure to allergens
Although it’s tempting to open all of your windows once freezing temps are a thing of the past, it’s best to keep your windows closed if you suffer from spring allergy symptoms. Likewise, if you are outdoors, and especially if you are mowing grass or doing other yard work, you may want to wear a face mask. Be sure to launder your clothes immediately after outdoor activities to reduce pollen and if you have pets, make sure you bathe them often and clean their bedding regularly.

Use an air purifier
The great indoors can have just as many allergens and air pollutants as the great outdoors. Consumers today can choose from a wide variety of air purifiers on the market, but HEPA filtration devices are usually considered to be the best, capturing particles as minuscule as 0.000012 inches. That degree of filtration removes common “bad air” culprits in the home, such as pet allergens and mold spores. Consumer Reports publishes a helpful air filter buying guide.

Monitor pollen counts
The website Pollen.com has an updated spring allergy map that is helpful for planning outdoor activities and making travel plans. If you suffer from spring allergies, you may want to check the forecast as often as you check the regular weather forecast.

Change your air filter
It’s important to change your home air filter every three months and during heavy pollen season you may want to change your air filter even more often. Look for filters with a MERV rating of 8 to 12, which tells you how well the filter can remove pollen and mold from the air as it passes through.

Tackle indoor dust
Clean behind and under furniture and on the top of the ceiling fan. Always use a damp cloth; dry cloths just spread the dust around. Strip your beds and wash all linens in hot water. Linens and accessories that can’t be washed, such as pillows, mattresses and box springs, should be covered with hypoallergenic dust-mite covers. Although they’re cute, and decorative, keep stuffed animals and throw pillows to a minimum. Once you’ve run a damp mop over your floors or a steam mop, be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove any remaining dust  from the floor.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned
It’s best to keep carpet and rugs to a minimum in your house if you suffer from allergies, but most homes have one or both. Using CitruSolution’s professional cleaning service to clean your carpets is just one way to combat spring allergies as our proprietary cleaning process and solution minimizes allergens. After our professional cleaning team applies the CitruSolution, using a hand-operated sprayer they activate the CitruSolution with a rotary brush and bonnet to neutralize germs, allergens, spots, and embedded soils, and bring them to the surface.

If having your carpet, rugs, and upholstery professionally cleaned is on your spring household bucket list, be sure to call us today!

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