3 Last Minute Spring Break Day Trip Ideas from Nashville

3 Last Minute Spring Break Day Trip Ideas from Nashville

Spring break season is here! Nashville may be one of the nation’s hottest cities, but there are several great destinations a short drive away from both Davidson and Williamson Counties.

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Saving time on spring cleaning means more time for travel. Today on our blog we’re sharing three last minute spring break day trip ideas from Nashville.

Huntsville, Alabama

If you’ve ever headed to Destin, Florida, from the Middle Tennessee area you’ve undoubtedly seen one of the largest landmarks ever – the space rocket at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Like Music City, the Rocket City is a great destination.

Here are a few suggested places to visit (of course the Space & Rocket Center is a must do!)

Big Spring International Park

Huntsville has several parks, but this park located downtown is a great place to walk, run, feed ducks and fish in the spring-fed pond.

Huntsville Museum of Art

Located adjacent to Big Spring International Park, the Stender Interactive Gallery is a welcome place for little art lovers to explore.

Huntsville Botanical Garden

This garden features something for kids of all ages, including an interactive Butterfly House and a Garden Railway.

Hungry? Huntsville has a great food scene. Two family friendly longtime favorites include Bandito Burrito and Big Spring Cafe, the city’s oldest restaurant which opened in 1922.


The River City is not only one of the nation’s top tech startup cities, but a great place to explore with your family and very pedestrian friendly. Outside magazine named Chattanooga the 2015 Best Town Ever and we can see why.

Here are some must dos while in Chattanooga:

Tennessee Aquarium

Located in the vibrant River District, the Tennessee Aquarium also features an IMAX Theatre and consists of two separate buildings featuring an extensive freshwater and saltwater exhibit.

Coolidge Park/Northshore

Head to Coolidge Park on the Tennessee River and ride on the classic 1894 carousel and see the fountains. Walk over to the Northshore area across the Walnut Street Bridge and have a sweet treat at Clumpie’s Ice Cream or breakfast at Aretha Frankenstein’s.

Rock City

The painted barns advertising Rock City lining Southern roadways are iconic symbols of a quieter time. Rock City is a great place to spend several hours outdoors. There are meandering pathways cut through the rock, a swinging bridge, the dramatic Lover’s Leap and a scenic overlook that allows you to see seven states from a 1,700 feet above sea level vantage point.

Lake Cave, Mammoth Cave National Park. Photo credit: MargaretRiver.com

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Here are some must dos while visiting Bowling Green, Kentucky’s third largest city. And if you have teenagers, a campus tour of Western Kentucky University very worthwhile!

Historic Railpark Train Museum and L&N Depot

Most kids are fascinated with trains and Bowling Green is home to this historic national landmark which allows you to see, touch, hear and explore important railroads artifacts.

Mammoth Cave

DId you know that just outside of Bowling Green is the world’s longest known cave system? Mammoth Cave National Park is just 30 minutes from Bowling Green and can easily be added to any Bowling Green itinerary. You can tour the cave, hike, go canoeing on the Green River, enjoy picnicking, horseback riding, bicycling, camping and more.

Chaney’s Dairy Barn

This working dairy farm is home to Kentucky’s best ice cream in the entire state, according to USA Today. There is also a wonderful playground with monster slides, a tower structure, a Ten Spin and a huge jumping pillow. Chaney’s offers self-guided farm tours for just $4 which offer a view of one of the state’s only robotic milkers.

Hungry? Bowling Green is a college town, so there are many restaurants to choose from. Double Dogs on main thoroughfare Scottsville Road is great, although there is a location in HIllsboro Village in Nashville. Montana Grille is also centrally located on Scottsville Road and Mariah’s in the quaint downtown area has been a Bowling Green staple for nearly 40 years.

Which day trip idea sounds like a fit for your family?

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Dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning

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So what’s so dangerous about DIY carpet cleaning? First off, it is nearly impossible to find a carpet-cleaning machine to buy in store that has as much power as one owned by professionals. While you may think at first that you are saving money through purchasing something small, the effects of such a machine are not nearly as thorough as what a professional carpet cleaner supplies. And without the proper tools and expertise, DIY carpet cleaning can lead to excess moisture, which spirals a myriad of other unexpected and unwanted issues. Mold can gather, making the carpets more unsanitary, and dampness creates unpleasant odors, shrinkage, and discoloration. Adding fuel to the fire, most grocery store products and some commercial cleaners contain oxidizing agents such as bleach and peroxide, which strip the color from the carpet.

With so many products filled with soap as one of their main ingredients, DIY carpet cleaners leave behind a foamy residue that adheres to the fibers of the carpet. Moreover, the soap that gets absorbed into the carpet will transform its natural color, causing a dull and yellow tinge to form over the cleaned spots. Most DIY carpet cleaners also feature shampoo ingredients, which is equally detrimental to the aesthetics and longevity of your carpet. About thirty percent of the shampoo used gets absorbed into the carpet, and its sticky nature ends up attracting an unforeseen amount of dirt.

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