Residential Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

I’ve used Citrus Solutions for five years.  My carpets stay clean!  Your product does a great job.  I would not think about using anyone else. – Alex Z, Hermitage

I can’t believe how great my carpet looks! It’s like new! I thought my kids had ruined it.  They look like new.  Your ladies did a great job.  Last year, I had a [steam cleaner] clean my carpet. They looked dingy afterwards.  I paid a little more for Citrus Solutions, but it was worth it!
Thank you for the great job you did. – Tim Jones, Franklin

“CitruSolution cleaned my sofa (linen),  arm chair, and ottoman.  I loved it.  They clean upholstery by hand! – Lauren, Franklin

David Seeley I‘ve used this company twice a year for the last 3 years. fantastic! we have Berber carpets and they always come out perfect after they clean them reasonable rates and great people show up on time to do the job! and we love using all-natural cleaning products on our carpets. Highly recommended!


“CitruSolution did a great job, and my home smells great!” (Owner of a home cleaning company)

Here is what two Mom Bloggers say:
Sami Cone: Blonde Mom Blog Review-6x6inCitruSolution  As we once again find ourselves in the midst of another move, I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of CitruSolution, whether you’re moving into a new home or simply wanting to make your home line new again!

Jamie Reeves:CitruSolution sent a cleaning team out to my home a couple of weeks ago and I was thrilled with the job they did. I had pretty much lost hope that our carpet could look      better but it not only looked better, it smelled better, when they left. They also cleaned (by hand mind you) our tan chenille sofa and throw pillows.”

CitruSolution also smells amazing. They use only natural, safe ingredients to clean your carpet so there are no overwhelming chemical smells filling your home. I know that after using some really strong cleaners in my home I want to run and open all the windows, but not with CitruSolution.”

I was very, very satisfied with CitruSolution. You got spots out that I didn’t think was possible. Great job! Your crew was super nice and very professional. Even the cranberry juice my 7 year old spilled this morning came out. –Will Cook, Brentwood, TN

“The first time I used Citrusolution was because you were recommended by another realtor. I had sold a 3-story carpeted home and when the sellers moved out the carpet was filthy. The beige carpet was almost black so I called the big carpet cleaning company. They showed up several hours late, cleaned and the carpet looked just as bad and it smelled awful. We thought we were going to have to replace the carpet when another realtor said you had worked miracles on one of their listings so I gave you a call. You actually showed up on time, the carpet looked great when you finished and it smelled awesome. It saved my client thousands of dollars. I’ve told this story a hundred times and I use you when my own carpets need to be cleaned. That’s the highest recommendation that  I can give.” –Wanda Mahan, Brentwood, TN

I had Ed’s company clean the carpets in my house and some fine rugs. His solution is great, and uses very little water. As a car dealer, I’ve come across some seriously gross cars, and you can’t soak the inside by steam cleaning. Ed’s process & solution delivered every time. This process really works, dries fast, and is kid/animal safe. -Ryan McKinney, Franklin, TN

I used to have Stanley Steemer come out every six months because the traffic areas and spots came back. I had ya’ll clean my house over a year ago and it still looks good. Well, other than the new spills. Your people came out today on time and did a great job. I’m recommending you to my mother. –Alex, Nashville, TN

“When I walked in the door and saw my [Oriental] rugs, I was amazed at how clean and bright they were.  These rugs were 10+ years old and looked almost new. The second surprise was that there was no chemical or shampoo odor, just clean. The people at CitruSolutions are easy to work with and the results are amazing.” -Liz F., Oak Hill, Nashville

“I’m a new mom with a two year old. I wanted to clean our carpets and sofa without chemicals. Ed told me exactly what their citrus cleansers are and how they clean. Your cleaning tech was so nice and she did a great job.” -Betsy, Franklin, TN

“I hadn’t heard of you [CitruSolution], but my realtor said you were fabulous. She was right! My new house is clean and fresh-smelling. The spots are all gone. I feel so much better that my new house is really clean.” -Brittany, Franklin, TN

“As a realtor, I know my reputation is on the line with each referral I give. CitruSolution always does a fabulous job, arrives on time, charges what they quote, and are easy to work with.” -Jane M., Keller Williams Realty, Green Hills, TN

“Awesome job! Our realtor at Weichert recommended you, and I see why. Worked better than the machine I always rented from XXXXX .” -Kevin, East Nashville, TN

“I tired one of those companies with the discount coupons. They came late, then tried to sell me expensive protectants and all kinds of extras. My hallway and stairs were wet and squishy for two days! CitruSolution gave me a firm price over the telephone and didn’t try to sell me anything extra. Thank you, Ed and ladies.” -Kelly W., Brentwood, TN

“My realtor had recommended that CitruSolution clean our new home before we moved it. After cleaning, they showed me the vacuum bag full of hair and other crud that was in the carpet. I know the carpets are clean now. -Jessica, Brentwood, TN

“CitruSolution is, by far, the best carpet cleaning system that I have ever seen. They were able to remove a stain from my carpet that  two other companies could not. It smells great too!” -Andrew J., Oak Hill

“I tried using a rental carpet cleaner from the grocery store. It was messy and didn’t get out the spots. My carpets were wet and smelled like chemicals. CitruSolution came and recleaned my condo. The spots are gone, and the whole house smelled fresh and clean. -Ashley, Franklin, TN

“We have a very light beige carpet, which was showing traffic tracks and several small stains. When Citrusolution left, the entire carpet (6 rooms and stairs) looked like new! And it still looks great and like new many weeks later. I could walk on it immediately, and it dried completely in about 2 hours. The service was excellent – they showed up right on time, and were professional. And there were no price surprises.”
-Robert B., Green Hills, TN

“Your product and service are absolutely outstanding! I was thrilled that your cleaning process worked equally well on wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs – especially my natural fiber rugs. Stains disappear and stay gone – dust, pet hair and dander are removed – giving the carpets a fresh look and smell. I’ll continue to use you on a regular basis and recommend your service to my friends.”
-Karen C., Franklin, TN

“CitruSolution came to our house on time and got right to it. We had some pet stains that they got up. The carpets look and smell great now. My wife loves the fresh smell, as opposed to the soapy stuff the other companies seem to use. I will call these guys next time. Thanks to Ed and the crew! Between our dog, our seven month old, and me, we create a lot of mess. CitruSolution of Brentwood comes every few months and cleans up.” -JD, Nashville, TN

“I couldn’t believe how good my Oriental rugs looked after you cleaned them, Ed. I didn’t realize how dingy the colors, the reds and blues, had become. Now they look great, and I didn’t have to send them out to be cleaned.” –Carolyn S., Brentwood, TN

“Our carpets look terrific! Thank you for doing a great job. The whole house smells so yummy and I feel good knowing that my son can play on the rug, clean and chemical-free!” -Alli, Brentwood, TN

“Thank you for the bottle of CitruSpotter. One of the dogs came in with a sliced dew claw this morning and tracked blood on the carpet before we realized it. We, of course, attended to the hurt dog before dealing with the spots on the carpet. I remembered your Carpet Spot Cleaner and decided to give it a test. The results were quick and remarkable. Really, I felt like a TV commercial. The blood spots were gone in no time! Again thank you for such an effective product!” -Monty, Hillsboro-Belmont, TN

“My carpets look great, Ed. The cleaning is so deep, I feel like I can breathe better. Wow! The colors in our living room rug are much brighter now, and that rug didn’t look dirty. My wife loved the fresh orange smell. She also liked having an “all girl” crew — said she felt more relaxed.”
-Drew P., West Meade, TN

“Without going into details, we had a huge mess left by our dog all over our bonus room carpet. I really thought I would need to replace the carpet. CitruSolution came in spent a ton of time working on getting the carpet back to great shape. I can say enough about how great of a job they did. Even their follow up customer service was outstanding. I will definitely use them again for any carpet cleaning needs I have and will be recommending them to our friends and family.” -Matthew B., Brentwood, TN

“Loved the way the carpet looked and smelled. I have multiple dogs and cats and even months later, liquid still just sits on top of the carpet for easy clean up. Also the carpet cleaner left to spot clean with took up a nasty yellow stain where one of my dogs threw up.” -Cheryl, Bellevue, TN

“What a wonderful job you did! My husband came home and was pleasantly surprised at how clean the carpet was. Plus it smelled great. We deal with allergies and have pets so definitely could tell a difference. I like this process better than other carpet cleaning services that I’ve used in Nashville such as Coit, Molly Maid and others and plan to call back for another cleaning in the future.” -Stephanie, Forrest Hills, TN

“I got a free sample at the mall and took it home to give it a try. I live in an apartment with very old carpet and 3 cats. This is the only thing I’ve ever found to get the stains out of the carpet (and furniture) quickly, completely and with very little effort…and it dries so fast! I’m going to recommend my manager use them for the entire complex!” -Cheryl C., Franklin, TN

Commercial Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

The great thing about CitruSolution is that it dries so fast.  Their system works well, smells good, and removes stains.  One client [Condominium Association we represent] was worried that some spots would not come clean.  After CitruSolution cleaned, the spots were gone.  — Property Management

“Working with realtors to prep homes for market, I have tried all the National Franchised and many local carpet cleaners. I never had a good result until CitruSolution. It did a great job, dried fast, and smells good.”  -Paul M., Nashville, TN

“Our office carpet looked so awful, I wanted to replace it, but it wasn’t in our budget. Now the carpet looks almost new after CitruSolution cleaned it. All the coffee and drink spills were gone, especially the big one by the kitchen that we had tried to clean before. The whole office smells clean now, too. Thanks so much.”  -Brittani F. (Office Manager, Brentwood, TN)

“I took over a small apartment building and thought I would clean the carpet once more before replacing it. A year later, the hallways and stairs still look good, and my owner is happy not to have to replace the carpet.” -Jim (Property Manager, Nashville, TN)

“We were almost resolved to having the carpets replaced in the building we manage. When I went over to inspect the final results, I was more or less expecting to see a “valiant effort” on your part with the same outcome of having to replace the carpet anyway…The carpet was literally brought back from the dead. Not only did we not have to replace the carpet, but several prospective tenants have asked us if the carpet was just recently installed.” -Alex G. (Property Manager)

“Ed and CitruSolution put up notices the day before cleaning to tell our condo owners about the process.  Our residents were very pleased that the entryways and halls are now clean and fresh smelling.  CitruSolution cleans without the watery mess or white residue that other companies leave. I had my own rugs cleaned too!” -HOA Treasurer, Nashville, TN