The best dog parks in Nashville have a few traits in common: expansive, open space, water fountains, and a place to relax while watching your dog play. Whether you live in Nashville, Franklin, or Donelson, there’s a perfect dog park for you and your companion. Fall in Nashville is a beautiful season to explore nature, so why not start with a new and different dog park?

Harlinsdale Farm Dog Park

In addition to the location of Pilgrimage Music Fest in Franklin, Harlinsdale Farm offers a spacious off-leash dog park. Just a short drive south from Brentwood and South Nashville, this dog park also features benches and a water fountain for both your pup and yourself.

The one downside of Harlinsdale Dog Park, though, is that there is very little shade. The humid heat of summer in Nashville may limit your time here, but as fall arrives it will be a beautiful space to explore.

When the weather does get too hot or if you want to explore somewhere new, the farm also has a number of paved and dirt trails so you can mix up your playtime. This location is a favorite for many locals, and offers an open space that still near downtown Franklin.

“We went to the park on Sunday, and we had such a great time! Our puppy had a great time and the people were nice! All of the dogs were friendly and everyone played along well.” – Nancy L.

Two Rivers Dog Park

Located off McGavock Pike a few miles down the bike greenway from Shelby Bottoms, Two Rivers Dog Park is another local favorite. It’s just north of Nashville, and offers an expansive off-leash space for your dogs to play.

There is a wooded area for shade and a walking track, too. The rolling hills and easy access make this a definite must-see for Nashville area dog parks.

I love this dog park. It’s huge! There are woodsy areas and open fields to run in, a pavilion with a roof and picnic table, and benches scattered throughout. The walking trail is wonderful plus to get us humans exercising with the dogs.” – Jodi


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Riverfront Dog Park

Nashville’s Riverfront Dog Park is perfect for those that live downtown, or if you’d like to change up your daily routine. Located near Ascend Amphitheater, one of only a few downtown dog parks in Nashville. The dog park itself is 13,000 square feet of eco-friendly artificial turf, and all water fountains include one for your pup as well.

After you’re done at the dog park, you can stroll through the rest of the 11-acre spread and take in beautiful views of the city and explore the botanical gardens maintained by Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

“I have a medium sized dog and love the size of this dog park. It allows owners to know exactly what their dog is doing and to intervene when necessary. It has Multiple entry points and great views. It’s a nice surprise in the city. There is plenty of room for the dogs to run and explore. I love the Astro turf personally because it seems so much cleaner.” – Vic

Shelby Dog Park

Located in the expansive Shelby Bottoms area of Nashville, Shelby Dog Park offers an off-leash area behind the Shelby Park Community Center. This park features water fountains and a single enclosed space.

While it can be a bit harder to find than others, it’s in a quiet area of East Nashville and the other dog owners are friendly and ready to jump in if necessary. The different terrains make this a great spot to take your pup to let out some energy!


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Centennial Dog Park

Centennial Dog Park is located adjacent to Centennial Park and the Parthenon in downtown Nashville. With separate enclosures for large and small dogs, as well as water fountains and benches, this is a favorite for many Nashvillians.

It’s also one of the more popular dog parks in town, so your dog will always have a friend to explore with. Perhaps the best part? An abundance of tennis balls if you happen to forget your own.

“This is an excellent fenced dog park that has separate areas for large and small dogs. The large dog area is HUGE! There is a drinking fountain for humans and dogs! Benches, shade and lots of tennis balls lying around! What more could you ask for? Very well maintained.” – Sarah

Edwin Warner Dog Park

Edwin Warner Dog Park has all the necessities of a dog park in a great location. Located across from the spots complex on Vaughn Road, this park offers a large space, benches, and a water fountain for both humans and dogs.

About the size of a football field, Edwin Warner Dog Park is another local favorite, though you’ll want to watch out during rainy times of year. Because of the park’s popularity, there may be more mud patches than other parks.


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Dog parks are a wonderful place to bring your dog to socialize and expend some energy, but it can also be a stressful situation if you don’t prepare well. Here’s what you need to do in order to ensure a safe and fun experience at Nashville-area dog parks.

Tip #1: Pick the Right Dog Park

Not all dog parks are created equal. The parks we’ve highlighted offer a wide-open space, and some also have separate sections for large and small dogs. You’ll also want to look for dog-friendly water fountains, secure fencing, and posted rules of conduct.

These factors all show that the developers care about you and your dog’s safety. If the park looks unkempt and there are aggressive dogs, then you may not want to enter.

Tip #2: Be Vigilant While in the Dog Park

It’s important to be observant the entire time you’re at a dog park. Dogs can quickly go from playing to fighting, and vigilance can help stop a situation before something bad happens to either dog.

It’s important to remain safe while calling your dog back to you, and to be cautious when breaking up a fight. It’s likely that you won’t experience a severe situation, but it’s important to be prepared.

Tip #3: Know the Difference Between Play and Aggression

While keeping an eye on your pup, it’s important to recognize the difference between play and aggression in dogs. A dog that wants to play will bounce around with its tail wagging and a relaxed expression. A dog showing aggression will have a stiff stance, a closed mouth, and will be hyper-focused.

Knowing these differences will help you determine when you need to carefully intervene and when you can let your dog play.

The best dog parks in Nashville offer a wonderful space to let your dog run free. These parks are throughout the Greater Nashville area, so you’ll have a great dog park near your home. It’s important to keep your dog safe, too.

By finding the right dog park, remaining vigilant, and recognizing play and aggression, you can spend your Fall enjoying some of the best off-leash dog parks Nashville has to offer. And if your dog happens to track dirt into your home, we can help with our non-toxic pet spot removal.