You finally found the perfect furniture for your living room – a comfortable couch and complementary loveseat that create the perfect ambiance for relaxation. But a few wine spills and a couple years later, and you’re ready to trade in your old upholstery for something new and fresh.

What if we told you there was a way to keep your beloved upholstery in supreme condition for years on end? With this list of handy tips, you’ll be able to maintain the longevity of your furniture without the pain or hassle of a new purchase.

  1. Make cleaning a habit: If you notice a stain on your upholstery, you should be prepared to clean it immediately. But upholstery maintenance goes beyond the occasional stain lifting; it’s imperative that you dust and vacuum your furniture regularly, as well as taking daily care to plump and fluff it back into robust and healthy shape.
  1. Use Natural Cleaners: While we can all fall victim to that middle aisle in the grocery store lined with toxic cleaners, the amount of harm these do outweighs the good. Imagine sitting on beads of soapy residue just when you thought you got your couch clean. Instead, invest in some all-natural, organic cleaners to keep the integrity of your upholstery.
  1. Schedule a Professional Cleaning: At least once a year, you should enlist the help of professionals to keep your upholstery in tiptop shape. One of the benefits of using CitruSolution to clean your upholstered furniture is its safety. CitruSolution is both safe for your family and your fabrics. Citrus-based cleansers are gentle yet powerful. Click here to learn more about our upholstery cleaning process.

If you’re considering a professional upholstery cleaning service, give CitruSolution a call today at 615-333-8977. We’re happy to help you with any of your upholstery cleaning needs!