Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum– I know that’s something that no one wants to hear.  But, vacuuming the rugs and carpet in your home reduces the dust, dust mites, and other particulate pollutants from accumulating in your home.  Ever go to someone’s home and feel like you can’t breathe well? Airborne particles fall on all horizontal surfaces. While furniture is one target, floors cover more square footage in your home or office. Vacuuming with a good quality HEPA vacuum will remove much of the loose dirt and grime from your carpet and rugs. If the vacuum is built to clean hard floors, use it there to. Pay special attention to three areas:

Entryways – especially the ones you use most.

Walk-in Closets – debris not scuffed off on entry to your home, falls off in your closet.

Bath or utility rooms – clean all rugs and carpet in proximity. Wet feet and detergent residue provide a good place to dirt to accumulate.

Like any other fabric, carpet will last longer with proper maintenance. Frequent vacuuming prevents abrasive soils from cutting and prematurely wearing the fiber. In addition, avoid using carpet cleaning processes and spot cleaners that leave a soapy, foamy residue behind. This can trap abrasive particles and soils in your carpet and can cause chemical discoloration. Would you shampoo your hair and leave the soap in? The same goes for your carpets.