Someone once told me, “Your house can be cleaned whenever you want, but your children will only be young once-” a sentiment that assuages the chaos accompanied by an active and vibrant household. Still, when cryptic stains sully your carpet or find their way into the crevices of your couch, madness ensues. That’s why mothers turn to CitruSolution, our non-toxic citrus-based cleaner that resurrects a spotless environment for you and your family.

Most cleaners on the market are inundated with poisonous chemicals that wreak havoc on the central nervous system and are unsafe for use around children. Though all of us crave a clean home, putting our families at risk is never an option. The CitruSolution formula, containing citric acid and d-Limonene, neutralizes spills and spots, cleans your home environment, and fights against household allergens without compromising the safety of your family. Most other cleaning brands carry stain removers chock-full of harmful chemicals that leave behind strands of toxicity. With the main ingredients in our cleansers derived from citrus fruits, we ensure the maintenance of a safe and sanitary household.

Local mommy blogger, Mandy Stribling, recently shared her experience using CitruSolution in her home, “CitruSolution uses an environmentally-friendly, citrus-based cleanser. I liked this part due to the fact I have kids and pets! It’s super safe… I couldn’t believe how great my carpet looked when they were done. And the best part? They leave an entire bottle of the cleaning solution so you can clean spots yourself using the same solution they used.”

Image within BlogBesides its eco and family-friendly nature, the blend of ingredients in CitruSolution leaves behind a fresh, pleasant aroma that evokes a sense of cleanliness, not of chemicals. With standard cleaners, kids complain and pets scurry away from the harsh residual odors that are left behind in the aftermath. Distilled from the peels of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, our products boast a clean and fresh scent.

“CitruSolution smells amazing,” says Nashville mom, Jamie Reeves, on Blonde Mom Blog. “They use only natural, safe ingredients to clean your carpet so there are no overwhelming chemical smells filling your home. I know that after using some really strong cleaners in my home I want to run and open all the windows, but not with CitruSolution.”

With a crisp and clean scent, sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients, and free of harmful agents for pets and kids, CitruSolution has quickly become the premier cleaning service for mothers across Middle Tennessee.

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